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Are all raised floor anti-static?

 Whether a floor is anti-static or not,it all depends on its tile,the tile could be ceramics,PVC,and HPL,and all these tile’s anti-static performance of and rank are different,cermic tile and imported PVC are class A fire proof,they have a steady anti-static performance, and durable,but the price is higher,normal steel panel is HPL and normal PVC tile,and the effect is relatively worse,the rank of fire proof is B.

So you know that,whether the panel is anti-static or not,it depends on the tile and the edge trim,that is to say,if you want to make the floor anti-static,you just need to put a anti-static tile on it.

The network floor can be used in tbe computer room and office building,it can solve the problem of paving wires.and the floor is not anti-static at all.


So if you need anti-static floor,please contact with me.



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